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Maintenance of Air Conditioners with Steam and Chemicals

The air conditioning outlets must be regularly maintained at the risk of exposing themselves to real risks:

  • Respiratory disorders: allergies, rhinitis, asthma
  • Too much fouling can cause malfunctions which can end up causing a fire
  • Loss of yield, increase in energy consumption

The conventional methods of cleaning the air conditioning suffer from a serious drawback: they require the use of toxic chemicals for the manipulators during the application, then for users because of possible deposits in the conduit.

Principle and advantages of steam cleaning

The steam projected at 160 ° C by the steam cleaners dissolves grease and other dirt. Thanks to the jet at a pressure of 6-8 bars, the filth deposits are dislodged from inaccessible places. This method does not scratch the surfaces and presents no danger for the electrical parts. In addition, the heat of the steam has a disinfecting effect on some microorganisms.

An ecological cleaning

This method of cleaning the air conditioning can also claim a great ecological efficiency:

  • The air conditioning does not have to be dismantled, which avoids any risk of exhaust gas Feron (greenhouse)
  • No potentially polluting or toxic chemicals are needed, just water (in small quantities)
  • The application is not a problem, drying is fast.

How do you know if you need to clean your air conditioner?

It is very easy to know if you need to clean your wall mounted air conditioner. First, if you have neglected the cleaning of your air conditioner filters, it is likely that your coil is already dirty. To check this, you need to remove your filters and watch the coil status; you can also look by the place where the air comes out to see if your fan is dirty. If your coil or fan is dirty, you must clean your wall-mounted air conditioner.

What are the risks of a poorly maintained air conditioner?

The risks are enormous, if your air conditioner has not been cleaned for several years, it can be very dangerous for your health because the air quality can be very bad inside your home. Dirty filters can cause several problems like asthma, respiratory diseases, lung cancer etc.

What are the steps for a good cleaning?

First, the technician will check if your air conditioner works well to make sure the unit does not cause any filtration problems or other problems. In the second place, it is necessary to disassemble the box of the air conditioner to easily access the coil because it is this section that one wants to clean. Then the specialist will have to install the devices to recover all the dirt that is in the device to not splash on your walls and floors.

Finally the easiest solution in Singapore is to call a professional service team that is part of an aircon chemical wash Singapore company so that you can breathe fresh and healthy air.

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