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Special Support From the condo cleaning services Singapore Now

Perfect cleanliness in the rooms is the key to the success of the establishment. Achieve it is not easy, it’s all about the specifics of hotels: significant areas, high trafficand minimum cleaning time. That is why we recommend trusting the guidance of our company in them. With some hotels in St. Petersburg, we work on an ongoing basis. You have a chance to become one of our customers!

Technology of maintenance cleaning

First, the booked rooms are cleaned, then recently vacated, the last order is put in the occupied apartments. In the occupied rooms, cleaning is usually carried out in the absence of guests. If they do not leave for a long time, the staff can knock, asking permission to enter. It is forbidden to enter the place where the sign “do not disturb” hangs on the handle. If the apartment consists of several rooms, then the cleaning always begins with the bedroom.Engaging in a condo cleaning services Singapore companyhappens to the best option now.

The current cleaning includes:

  • The room is ventilated for at least half an hour.
  • Dust removal. Wipe all the horizontal surfaces in the room.
  • Cleaning of the bathroom. Wet cleaning, disinfection, hygiene products are replaced.
  • Change of bed. The frequency of changing the bed in a hotel depends on the number of stars.
  • Care of houseplants. This is rubbing the leaves, watering, fertilizing the soil.

It is held once for 10 days. It should be done without guests. It includes wet cleaning, cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture and textiles, parquet washing, dust removal of ceilings and walls, washing of window and door openings, cleaning of ventilation grilles. If necessary, general cleaning may include works that are carried out as part of the current harvesting.

Several reasons to entrust us with the cleaning of hotel rooms:

  • we guarantee the safety of the property of the hotel and the guests;
  • The staff has the skills to communicate with guests;
  • We work without days off and on holidays;
  • do not leave behind stains and other contaminants;
  • we use the best detergents and equipment.
  • Order our cleaning of hotel rooms right now! This can be done either by phone or by e-mail.

Cleaning services for hotels in Kiev by professional clinics of the company C-house

The hotel and hotel guests, as a rule, are very demanding for cleanliness, therefore the establishment where they stay is judged with all severity. The main task of the owners is to create maximum comfort and provide a high level of service to their guests in order to leave the best memories for their rest.

Daily cleaning of the hotel room before and after check-in, occupied rooms are complex activities that should be performed carefully and in a short time. In addition to the rooms, in order to maintain a presentable and tidy appearance, the cleaning of the hotel requires office space, kitchen, elevators, staircases, a hall, the facade of the building and the surrounding areas. In addition, not always staffing staff copes with their responsibilities for cleaning. A misuse of cleaning products or equipment can significantly damage the property of the hotel.

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