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What To Look For In Faucets For A Luxury Bathroom / Choosing The Right Faucet For Your Luxury Bathroom

When we talk about Luxury bathroom fixtures, the faucets are the crown jewels. Though in the overall bathroom arrangement a faucet may seem incidental, its design can set the whole tone of the space. Available in a striking display of shapes and finishes, today’s faucets present worlds of possibilities and offer homeowners every convenience.

Before choosing faucets for a luxury bathroom, you’ll need to consider a few factors, such as whether you’re using an existing basin or buying a new one, and if you’re using an existing basin then where is the faucet opening and whether the faucet style matches the style and look of your basin and your overall bathroom decor.

Selecting the ideal faucet for your luxury bathroom is not a decision to be taken in haste. You should look at the plethora of types, styles and finishes available today and then go for the one which matches the personality of your bathroom and the rest of your luxurious apartment.

Faucet Types

When it comes to a modern bathroom faucet, there isn’t a one size fits all. The basin you have or you wish to buy would determine the type of faucet you need. You’ll be amazed at the number of faucet types available for a luxurious bathroom today. They range from concealed or exposed single lever or thermostatic mixers, washbasin, bath and bidet mixers, spouts and pillar cocks.

Chryseum Felisa’s 3 Hole Bath              Chryseum Felisa’s Single Lever                   F-Mosaico Oro’s Wall

and shower  Mixer Spout                         Tall Basin Mixer                                          Mounted Bath Tub

Faucet Finishes

There are more finishes today in the market than Lady Gaga has costumes. Which means you’ll have to choose from a luxuriance of possibilities that include polished and brushed chrome, gold, nickel, matt black and white.

Queo’s F-Misura and Chryseum Felisa series offer magnificently sculpted faucets with different finishes which are nothing but pure statuesque. Contemporary ideas of indulgence reflect in every model and every curve. All elements of the F-Misura are built on the elegant and ergonomic, thin rim design philosophy.

F-Misura’s Single Lever                 F-Misura’s Single Lever Basin                                F-Misura’ s wall mounted

Tall Basin Mixer with                     Mixer with Dark Brushed Nickel                           single lever basin mixer

Chrome Finish                                Finish                                                                       for concealed installation

                                                                                                                                          with Gold Finish

If the choices give you sensory overload, try these decision-making tips:

  • Don’t go for the metal and concentrate on the look. Visit a showroom which has all the finishes on display, and choose the one you fall in love with.
  • Make sure that your faucet finish matches with all your other bathroom finishes so that all your hard surfaces—including towel bars, lighting fixtures and door hardware.
  • Polished finishes look elegant but require constant looking after to keep them looking sparkly and new.
  • Brushed finishes are better at hiding water spots and fingerprints and therefore don’t require too much upkeep.

The most essential thing is to do your research with care because you will have to live with your choices for a while.

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