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Types of Conference Room Dividers

Dividing a conference room is the best way to maximize the available space. Due to improved technology, you don’t have to build permanent walls just to divide a conference room. You can install temporary or movable room dividers to reduce construction work and costs. When installing room dividers, the main aim is always to maximize space, but the movable walls and room dividers offer other advantages. They include:

  • Decoration:They come in a wide variety of designs and colors. Therefore, they can blend with the interior decor of the conference room.
  • Flexibility:When the workstation environment changes, they can be changed to fit the new environment. They also offer a wide range of finishes.

Flexibility and efficiency in space utilization have increasingly become a must for offices, conference rooms, hotels, and even homes. So, here are ways you can divide a conference room:

Acoustic Movable Wall

These will give you enough room to work and move around. They hung from the ceiling and don’t need a floor track. They provide all the aesthetic and acoustic features similar to a fixed wall, except that they are better in terms of flexibility. They work perfectly as paired panel systems that are locked into position by spring-loaded seals thus creating the perfect permanent partition appearance. They also allow natural light and great acoustic insulation into the room.

Frameless Movable Glass Wall

These are frameless glasses that hang from the ceiling with the help of an optional floor system. They are made of toughened glass. They work as panel systems that can be hinged or separated with different glass manifestation options. After installation, they are easy to use and move around, and will give you a modern and open feel.

Motorized Movable Walls

These are the ideal solutions when it comes to conference room dividers. Due to their motorized system, all you have to do is press a button to open or close them. They have seals in between the panels that give the system a slight advantage over other solutions in terms of fire resistance and soundproof.

Sliding Folding Partition

They come as continuous, partially or fully glazed hinged panels that are easy to operate. They also come in a variety of surface furnishes. They either hang from the ceiling or can be floor-mounted, thereby accommodating all building designs.

Vertical Movable Walls

These partitions take space maximization to a completely different level from the traditional panel systems that move horizontally. They come in two forms: vertical lift walls and folding vertical wall.

Timber Framed Glass Wall

Wood-framed glass walls are arranged in paired panel folding systems. The incorporation of timber gives you the beauty and elegance of real wood while the glass provides lots of natural light.

To achieve flexibility, convenience, and even save on construction costs when dividing your conference room, contact Space Plus, A division of the Sliding Door Company. We offer quick and effective installation of room dividers for educational institutions, banks, government institutions, commercial offices, hospitals, and much more.

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