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Top 4 Tips Pros Use to Keep their Closets Organized

Is your closet brimming with winter jackets, accessories and everything under the sun? Well, the good is that you’re not alone. Sometimes you tend to run out of shelf space or hangers which result in the stuffing of your closet. A streamlined and well-organized closet offer more benefits apart from being appealing to the eye.

It reduces stress and frustration and also saves you a lot of time in the morning. With a little effort, you can organize your closet and make it look great. Start by taking everything out and cleaning the mirror closet doors and arrange everything in order. Here are some tips to help you organize your closet.

Group Things Together

The key to a beautiful and neat closet is organizing your clothes into groups. Start by separating the various items by type, i.e., group all the skirts together, denim e.tc. Once you are through with the grouping, decide whether the different groups need hanging or folding or if they need to be put in a drawer. You can even go ahead and split the various groups by color to make your closet more appealing.


Once you’ve grouped your clothes, the next thing you should do is to clean before you put back the clothes in the closet. Pull everything out of your closet, dust the mirror closet doors, shelves, rods, boxes and vacuum it. You should also assess the paint color on the door and walls.

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can boost your mood when you step into your room after a long day at the workplace. Although it may be time-consuming, cleaning your closet can go a long way in keeping it organized since you’ve to get everything out of it. It becomes stressful and takes a lot of time when you try to navigate through a dirty and messy closet.

Keep It Seasonal

Always rotate your clothes and accessories at the beginning of each season. Although this seems like a common practice, most people tend to ignore it. When winter kicks in, clear all those light clothes from your closet to keep it organized.

Being seasonal is also great since you avoid rummaging through a stack of other clothes while looking for something to put on. Being seasonal also helps in keeping everything fresher and your clothes looking new.

Add a Beautiful Mirror

Apart from its obvious function, a mirror also makes your closet look and feel bigger. Consider adding a full-length mirror to the rear side of the door or on the back wall of your closet if you have the typically large and walk-in closet. You can also add a small mirror at the conventional eye level for trying on accessories.

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