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Three Design Tips to Complement Corner Fireplaces  

Homeowners seeking a sophisticated fireplace that surpasses the traditional corner unit that’s literally tucked into a corner nook can now enjoy infinite possibilities with contemporary corner fireplace options. Direct vent fireplaces now easily compliment almost any room with implementations placed in the corner edges of architectural structures within the home—including free-standing walls. This leaves design options wide open, so here are three ways to maximize the aesthetic benefits of your modern fireplace.

  1. Choose Your Room’s Focal Point

Are you installing the fireplace in the living room, bedroom, or another space that needs a dramatic focal point? Determine whether you want the fireplace to be an eye-catcher or desire to highlight another feature such as a statuary or a credenza. Perhaps you just want to set a romantic mood or calming setting. Regardless of the space, avoid placing furniture too closely to the fireplace if it’s to be the focus of the room to allow for maximum viewing. If the hearth is the showpiece of the room, center furnishings and/or bedding facing the flames at a distance of no less than six to eight feet to soak in the soothing and warming effects.

  1. Create Two Distinct Spaces

Homeowners can install one strategically placed corner unit to serve as a division between living spaces. For example, if the living room and dining room meld together, a corner fireplace on a wall between them can separate the two spaces. Furthermore, those with large seating spaces with a dividing wall can enjoy two separate corner fireplaces to establish distinct seating areas within a singular room. Further divide the spaces with cozy love seats, oversized armchair and a strategically placed room rug to draw them together. Combine additional design elements such as a flat screen TV between the fireplaces to create a secondary focal point that perfectly balances the room.

  1. Strategically Back the Fireplace with Complementary Colors and Materials

Color is scientifically proven to affect mood and emotions, so if your fireplace is a focal point or is situated upon a corner wall of dominance, you’ll want to back your flame with appropriate paint colors or natural or synthetic materials. Those wanting to highlight other architectural features or draw attention away from the fireplace should consider a paint color or other suitable material that blends in with existing color schemes. However, those wanting their corner fireplace to stand out might consider backing it with contrasting materials such as logs, quartz, marble or wood accents.

Find the perfect fireplace to compliment your needs and style—take a look at our innovative corner fireplace catalog today. Our experienced representatives are happy to answer all of your questions concerning design and implementation of Ortal fireplaces.

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