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The Many Benefits of Concrete Paving in Spring, TX

Modern civilization wouldn’t exist without pavement. By elevating our world above the mud, man has gone on to accomplish marvelous things. While asphalt may be the most common of the two major paving materials, concrete paving in Spring, TX offers certain benefits that may better suit your project.

What’s So Great about Concrete Paving?

Concrete pavement furnishes many advantages. First, it’s not made from oil, freeing asphalt for other uses. But more than that, concrete provides the following benefits:

  • Extremely tough. The compressive strength of concrete enables it to hold far more weight than asphalt. With steel reinforcement, concrete holds up to extremely heavy vehicles without developing ruts or deflections.
  • Lasts a long time. A well-designed concrete surface can last upwards of 50 years with very little maintenance.
  • Lower lifecycle costs. Although more expensive up front, because concrete endures all weather conditions, the overall lifecycle cost remains lower than that of asphalt.
  • Light reflective. The light color of concrete makes it reflective, helping to bring down the heat island effect in cities. Also, it’s easier to see at night, making it more safe for traffic.
  • Can become a smog eater. With the addition of patented substances that neutralize nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds — the main components of smog — concrete can absorb pollution and clean the air.
  • Saves fuel. As a harder surface, semi trucks and loaded trailers no longer have to fight the drag of softer asphalt. Fuel savings can add up significantly over the course of a year.
  • Allows shorter stopping distances. “Grippier” concrete surfaces reduce stopping distances when wet, making it a safer roadway with heavy traffic congestion.
  • Rapid repairs. Spot repairs and patching take very little time. Traffic lanes can be returned to service within a day or less.
  • Green. In addition to the environmentally-friendly features already mentioned, concrete also can be recycled. A rehabilitated roadway project can send the old material back to the concrete processing plant to be crushed and used as the aggregate in new concrete formulations. Also, concrete rubble can become the substrate of a new road or be used as erosion-control rip rap along stream banks and shorelines.

Which Applications Benefit with Concrete Paving in Spring, TX?

Concrete serves as an excellent choice in the following applications:

  • Interstates and major highways
  • Main urban thoroughfares
  • Airport runways and taxi lanes
  • Parking lots
  • Loading docks
  • Industrial aprons
  • Residential driveways

Although asphalt paving costs much less in up front costs and certainly has a long, noble track record, concrete provides the solutions you need when your project has less tolerance for frequent maintenance closures and resurfacing downtime. Plus, it’s stronger, safer and environmentally friendly. Be sure to select the best contractor for concrete paving in Spring, TX.


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