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Swimming Pool Safety: Choose Glass Fencing

If you have a pool in your garden, you already know about state requirements when it comes to pool safety, or at least you should. One of the most important components is the fencing, the barrier that keeps kids out and, in this article, we point out the reasons to choose a glass pool barrier.

  • Visibility – Glass panels enable you to see inside the pool area from any location and for peace of mind, glass has to be the choice. Toughened glass panels can be framed or frameless, depending on your preference; either way, you have a barrier that is effective, easy to clean and needs no maintenance.
  • Durable – Glass has to sit at the top of the tree when it comes to durability; rain, wind, snow and strong sunlight are not an issue for glass. The bevelled panels connect together for a seamless solution, while the gate is custom made with a self-closing latch. Glass is not affected by the harsh Australian climate and there is a range of finishes, allowing you to add some colour and texture.
  • Maintenance free – Of course, it is nice to wipe the glass with a damp cloth, but other than that, your pool fencing is maintenance-free. Wash down the fencing when cleaning the pool and leave it to dry in the sun. Search online for Swimpressive Pools in Perth and let them take a look at your pool and they can quote for the project. Choose between framed or frameless and the contractor will ensure that the barrier complies with Australian safety standards.
  • Safety glass – Pool barrier panels are toughened and safe to use; each panel is prepared by glaziers and the barrier is designed around your pool to blend perfectly. This why most Australian homeowners choose glass fencing, which enables you to see inside the pool enclosure and you can also see out when inside the pool area.

Prior to booking a pool inspection, you should take a look at State requirements re pool safety and ensure that your fencing and gating are up to the required standard. There must be a CPR sign inside the pool enclosure, which is legible from all locations, while there can be no garden furniture inside the pool area. The only items allowed are pool cleaning equipment, filtration and fixed slides, everything else must be outside the fenced area, while there can be no obstacles that might enable a child to climb over the barrier.

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