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Should you use your concrete garage for its traditional purposes

Recent figures show that just 25% of all concrete garages are actually used for car storage and car shelter. Concrete garages, especially those manufactured by garage and shed specialist Dencroft Garages, are extremely versatile. The modern concrete garage can be used for a wide variety of different purposes, including storage and living spaces.

Concrete as a basic material has excellent natural properties which make for the perfect foundations of a converted concrete garage. Concrete is one of the best materials to use for a garage, however, you plan to use it, as it is strong, secure, durable and good for insulation.

One of the main uses for a concrete garage to store your car, however, this is becoming increasingly out of favour by homeowners in Yorkshire and the UK. Despite people’s shifting views shelter and storage, the concrete garage it still an excellent place to keep your car. You can be sure that your car will be kept safe inside your garage, away from any potential dangers. If you leave your car on your driveway, this makes it more at risk from vandalism, theft or even weather damage. Your concrete garage can therefore keep your car safe from harsh weather conditions and potential damage.

Similarly, a concrete garage is also extremely practical to be used as storage. You may find that over time you have built up a collection of lots of miscellaneous household items or tools and appliances that you simply don’t have room for in your house. To prevent your home becoming overcrowded you can just move them into your garage. For items that don’t get much use through the year, you can save a lot of room in your house by putting them in your garage. As the value of things like furniture, power tools and lawnmowers increases, the need to keep them safe is also more important. The concrete structure is incredibly durable so not only can it withstand natural forces, it is also extremely capable at protecting your belongings from theft and break-in attempts.

If you want to make the most out of the space that your concrete garage provides and not just use it for storage, then you may consider converting it. Concrete garages can give a lot of extra square foot to your property that you may decide to capitalise on and use for living space. With the rise of house prices, each square foot available to your property is increasingly valuable, it would, therefore, be more cost effective to convert your concrete garage into an extra living room then to move house. Your garage provides the perfect opportunity to be as free as you like to convert it however you see fit. You can convert your garage into such rooms and spaces as a home gym, an office space, a cinema or however you see fit. Furthermore, a converted concrete garage also gives a good return on investment as it can boost the value of your home.

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