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Removing Hazardous Materials Safely

Skip hire companies see a very wide range of things that people are getting rid of, and have to behave very responsibly with some of the contents. Times have changed dramatically in recent years as we have become more environmentally conscious, and what once used to end up in a landfill, often contaminating our soils and groundwater with toxic carcinogens, is now very carefully sorted, with more than 90% regularly being recycled. Gone are the days when you could just load anything you wanted into a skip and watch it disappear into the distance. Today you must declare the contents of the skip, so that hazardous waste can be identified and treated appropriately.

Dealing with Asbestos

Asbestos is made from naturally occurring silicate minerals and humans have been mining it for thousands of years. Because of its excellent sound absorption properties and resistance to fire, it became a very popular construction product, but of course in time it was realised that inhaling asbestos fibres could cause lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis, and its use gradually dropped away, until its further use was banned in many countries. There are of course many properties in England that still have asbestos products in them, and removing and disposing of it safely is not simple.

Removing Asbestos

Removing asbestos is definitely not a job for anyone who isn’t fully trained and aware of the dangers and correct removal legislation and industry practices. When asbestos is being handled, minute fibres can escape, which if breathed in can be extremely hazardous. An Internet search can help you find professional asbestos removal companies in Norfolk who have the equipment, resources and trained staff to remove everything safely, and on whom you can rely, to dispose of it responsibly. Asbestos waste needs to be placed inside sealed bags and then placed in a sealed container, to ensure nobody can accidentally come across it. When removing asbestos, there are specific and approved packaging which must be used to cover it, which your local waste disposal professionals can provide for you.

Government Legislation

The Control of Asbestos Regulations Act of 2012 governs all activities in areas which have asbestos and generally only licensed contractors are legally allowed to deal with its removal, especially where sprayed asbestos coatings are concerned. There is no safe limit when it comes to breathing in asbestos fumes, and experienced companies will do everything they possibly can to keep dust in the air as far below guideline levels as possible. Training is mandatory for any person who will come into contact with asbestos at work, with company records kept to identify which workers came into contact with it, for how long and their estimated levels of exposure, with workers subject to regular health checks.

Asbestos is not the only dangerous or potentially toxic material you may have in your property. If you need to remove asbestos, or any other potentially hazardous product from your home or workplace, calling in a professional waste management company really should be your first action. They have the tools and equipment, and industry knowledge to ensure that all work is carried out professionally and safely, for you, your family, workers and the environment.

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