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It’s Important To Protect Your Business From Asbestos.

As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that the service and products that you provide are available to the public is much as possible. It is key that you are able to keep the doors open of your business in order to generate profits and in order to expand your business. You cannot afford to close your business even for just a short time and although you make every effort to make sure that this doesn’t happen, things can occur that just mess up your plans. If you currently own a property or you are renting a property that is more than 50 years old, then there is a high likelihood that there is asbestos within your building. Before you begin to panic, as long as it has not been damaged and no one has been touching it, then it is not a danger for now. However, if it starts to break away and to begin to crumble then you may have problems. If you suspect something in your building is asbestos, the first thing that you need to do is to call out the experts to get a proper indication of its composition.

There is no need to worry because asbestos removal prices in Perth are very reasonable and affordable. The first thing that you need to do is to call them out your premises so they can figure out if there is a danger to you, your staff and your customers. Unfortunately if they find this to be what you suspect, then you are going to have to close your business until it is removed. If there is no immediate danger then it’s likely that they may be able to wait until the weekend, when your store is closed, to do the work. This means that you don’t lose out on any sales and you’re also creating a better working environment for your staff. If you’re unsure where to look when searching for asbestos within your building, then the following are just some of the places that it has been used.

In the roof tiles – Many older businesses has suspended ceilings and tiles were chosen because they were incredibly hard wearing and they were easy to replace one at a time. Asbestos was added to these roof tiles because it helped them to be more fire retardant and this was seen as a very important safety aspect. It was only later found out that asbestos is incredibly dangerous to humans and so many years later they stopped using it.

In the guttering – If you look at the guttering on any old building, you will see that it looks as good as the day that it was installed. There is a reason why it is able to stand up to the elements and all of the abuse that it gets every single day and this is because asbestos was added to it  to give it strength and durability. Unfortunately, attempts to make it stronger made it a lot more dangerous.

These are only two of the places in which you can find asbestos added and there are many more. If your building is 50 years old or more, then it might be a good idea to have it checked to see if there is any asbestos present. It is better that you do this now when you can control the situation, rather than later when you can’t. You cannot afford to close the doors of your business for a long period of time and so taking action now might help you to avoid this.

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