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Buying Guide To Choosing The Best Wardrobes For Every Bedroom In Your House

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for your bedroom, a comfy bed and a wardrobe are two prime considerations. Surely finding a perfect bed for your needs is a bit easy. However, striking the right balance of functionality and style for your wardrobe is a tricky job. Having a well-organized is of huge importance. It just does not let you store your clothes and accessories but it has a huge impact on your dressing as you can get needed things on time with a functional and well-organized wardrobe. And as wardrobes take up the most space in a bedroom, it is essential to buy or design something that will add aesthetics to your room while being highly functional.

Let us have a look at some key points that will help you get the best wardrobe that will take all the fashion you collect while adding value to your room décor.

Size and layout of the bedroom-

The size and layout of the bedroom play a key role in wardrobe design. This crucial factor will decide how you can space the wardrobe and how big it can be. The right wardrobe size will offer you the best storage possibilities making it functional. Measuring up space in your rooms will help you narrow down the types of wardrobe you need. You can go for ceiling to floor wardrobes depending on your needs. The need for every bedroom differs and certainly, there is no point in buying a wardrobe that either leaves you with too much space or no space to move around. Figuring out the layout of every room and then checking the needs of the individual room is essential. For a small room, you can choose a sleek design that will have adequate storage space. For example, if you have a large master bedroom and have tons of clothing and accessories, you can go for walk-in wardrobe designs or 3 door wardrobe designs, or for small spaces you can choose 2 door wardrobe designs depending on the room layout.

For small rooms or guest rooms, which are not in constant use, you can go for minimalist designs with sliding wardrobes with glass doors featuring broad storage shelves that will help to arrange all your belongings neatly. While picking up the wardrobe design for small bedrooms, try to use a reflective finish or mirrors on the shutters. This will make your room look spacious. Wise use of light finishes and colours can help create an impression of a bigger space.

What kind of wardrobe is apt for needs?

When choosing a wardrobe design, you also need to think about the need for storage. Considering the kind of storage solutions that will work best for the outfits and accessories is of prime importance. Determine which bedrooms need which kind of storage space. You need to figure out whether the person using that bedroom needs hanger space, folding storage or shelves for accessories, seasonal clothing, bags/shoes at the bottom, space for cosmetics, etc. Moreover, storage space for valuable items and important documents needs to be considered. These questions will help you get an idea about the kind of closet design you will need for every bedroom depending on the storage space needed.

Who will be using the wardrobe?

When it comes to choosing a closet for a kid’s room, usually too much hanging space is not needed. Also, the sections need to be placed near the lower half to make it easily reachable for kids. Also, you need to think about storage space for toys, study material, games, books, etc.

While planning a wardrobe for elderly people, drawers on the lower half can be a great option. This will make it easier for them to reach items with no need to bend.

Look and style – If you want a simple and clean design for your bedroom, then you can go for a compact and sleek design with the right compartmentalization. This will hide everything inside, giving a large and spacious feel to your room. You can also go for sliding wardrobe designs that will add an element to your room.

Wardrobe design – If you want a more traditional design for your wardrobe, choosing the right option from a range of stainless steel or wooden almirah can be a great option. You can go for hinged door wardrobes where both doors are fixed on hinges at the side and swing open outward. Besides giving a classic look, this kind of wardrobe design will give you complete access and visibility to the storage.

The most popular materials used for wardrobes include engineered wood, BWR or boiling water-resistant grade plywood, MDF, HDF or high-density fiberboard, and plywood, etc.  Depending on the use and need, you can choose the material.

A wide variety of external finishes are available in the market including veneers, laminates which are available in different colours, finishes, and textures. Numerous types of exterior finishes are available in numerous shades ranging from high gloss to matte finish.

Add-on features and accessories – Besides the functional storage needs, sleek wardrobes are also available with some useful add-on features. Several attractive options including sensor lighting, pull-out mechanisms such as garment pull-outs, multipurpose pull-out for valuable items, and shoe pull-outs, etc. are out there. Sleek wardrobe designs featuring pivoting mirrors, iron racks, and tie racks are also available.  Mirrored wardrobes can add value, volume, and light to your space. If you have a large bedroom with poor illumination or low space, choosing a mirrored wardrobe can add functionality to your room. Furthermore, a mirrored wardrobe eliminates the need of buying a separate dressing or wall mirror. This saves money and space as well.

To conclude with a wardrobe in every bedroom needs to be a carefully thought out style and structure based on your needs and lifestyle. So before you choose the design among the available types of wardrobe, you need to weigh all the options and then choose a spacious, convenient, and functional option that will add to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

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