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Berkshire Pest Controllers

If you find that your commercial property has fallen prey to pests, place your trust in local specialists like Pest Control Berkshire, a company with highly qualified and knowledgeable operatives and extensive experience.

Pest infestations vary in severity, and the pests themselves can deliver different levels of risk, damage and fear. An encounter with a rat by the bin may be unpleasant, a cockroach in the kitchen is highly distressing, birds roosting can prove frustrating whilst moles compromise the safety of farm animals and humans and damage machinery.

Local specialists, every time

You may wonder whether a professional Berkshire pest controller firm will be more effective than DIY treatments obtained from a hardware store.

Yes, and they are less risky than self-administering treatments.

Licenced companies with access to treatments which are unavailable in the public domain are consistently better at the initial pest control task and achieving long lasting results.

For example, if you run a hotel or guest house that, thanks to the frequency of bed users, finds that a bed bug issue exists, you need cost effective, efficient and lasting solutions, not crossed fingers and a cheap and cheerful partly successful eradication. Locally based pest controllers can attend site within an hour and their expertise and applications work to the client’s benefit. What cost do you place on peace of mind and safeguarding your reputation?

Woodworm can cause structural integrity issues so please do not ignore this pest if you suspect that timbers in your property are housing an infestation. Woodworm larvae are pre-adult beetles, not worms and for the 2-5 years that they live in timber, tunnelling and eating the natural cellulose content they pose a health and safety risk. Insurance policies and mortgages can be impacted by a lack of professional pest control work which carries decades long guarantees.

One approach does not fit all

Whilst it may be tempting to think that all pests should be eradicated, this is not accurate. Some pests perform essential tasks which contribute to the ecosystem’s vitality. Bees cross pollinate, wasps and hornets are natural pest controllers. Without bees and wasps activities, it would cost the UK billions of pounds to replicate their positive impact.

Therefore, when bees and wasps form nests in locations which are unwelcome to humans, eradication is the last option. Most cases involve removing the nest and relocating it to a more suitable position.

Bees can only sting once because they leave the stinger in the victim. When wasps feel threatened they sting, repeatedly. Novices attempting to remove nests have found this out to their cost. Call a local Berkshire pest controller instead, it’s less painful.

Berkshire based specialists know their opponents well

Rats are intelligent and loyal, mice breed quickly, cockroaches can survive weather events like “the beast from the east.” Wasps appreciate being close to company, including humans, so whilst you may shudder at the sight of them, they like you, and the sweet foods you enjoy.

Why take pests on without the benefit of professional techniques? Unless you like having pests on site, call Berkshire pest controllers.

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