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Advantages of a Cold Pressed Juicer

Having a fresh squeezed glass of your favourite juice is the perfect way to start or even end your day. Whether you are a fan of apple juice, mango juice or any other juice, a great cold pressed juicer is just what you need to make your very own delicious juices at home. By using a cold pressed juicer, there are several great benefits that you can enjoy. Of course, the juicer price should also be within your budget!

Here are some of the top benefits of using a cold pressed juicer that you must know about! :

  1. Retains the Original Taste of the Fruit or Vegetable

One issue that many people face when buying processed juices from the market is that the juices often lose their original taste. They taste far too sugary and taste of added flavours. However, the biggest advantage of cold pressed juicers is that the juicer employs a slow speed squeezing technology to squeeze out fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. This technique helps to retain the original colour, taste and delicious flavour of your favourite juices.

  1. Nutrients Are Not Lost in the Process

Most juicers and blenders work with a very high speed technology to squeeze the juices out. However, this high speed technology also generates a lot of heat. This heat causes much of the nutrients and fibres of the juice to be lost in the process. However, the slow speed squeeze technology of the cold pressed juicer ensures that no heat is generated, thus retaining all the delicious goodness of your favourite juice along with their nutrients and fibres.

  1. You Get More Out of It

A lot of pure juice can be lost when using the traditional juicers in the market. The cold pressed juicer works based on a technology where every single drop of fresh juice is extracted and retained. This eliminates any kind of wastage, thus allowing you to optimally make use of the juicer price, as well as gives you more juice to enjoy of your favourite fruits and vegetables.

  1. Different Filter Functions

Did you know that harder fruits and vegetables like carrots and cucumbers require a different kind of filter as compared to softer foods like tomatoes and bananas? The best cold pressed juicers come with a dual filter technology, which you can use for different juicing needs. The wide mesh in the bigger filters allow you to easily make juices out of softer foods, while the thin, fine mesh works brilliantly for harder foods.

  1. Better Texture of Juices

Some people prefer really thin, watery juices, while some others prefer thicker, slightly pulpy juice. A cold pressed juicer uses a technology to retain the fibres and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. This, in turn, helps to retain much of the texture of the juice, making it slightly thicker as compared to packaged drinking juices. However, if you are a fan of thin juice, this can also be done easily using your cold pressed juicer!

These are the top advantages of investing in a good cold pressed juicer for your home. Get the most out of your juices by buying the best cold pressed juicer price.

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