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A Pool Owner in Sydney Must Register and Certify Their Pool

Are you a homeowner? Do you have a pool or hot tub? Did you know that your pool must be in compliance with local and federal regulations? Pools and hot tubs are a great way to socialise with your friends, stay active, and relax. In Sydney, you must have your pool registered and certify that it is in compliance with local regulations.

Lease or Sell Your Property

When you are ready to lease or sell your property, you may be stopped by local regulations. You often cannot lease or sell a property with a pool unless it has a certificate of compliance. Typically, this compliance is valid for approximately three years after assessment. It certifies that your pool is in compliance with safety regulations.

Safety Regulations

One pool regulation is a pool fence. Local companies will provide a Sydney pool fence certificate. This certificate verifies that your fencing has been inspected and meets all of the requirements set by regulating agencies. Only a certified and accredited inspector can deem your pool (and fence) safe. Accredited inspectors will verify that your pool area is in compliance with all the safety regulations set by the Australian Standard.

Register Your Pool

Before you call to have your pool inspected, you should first register your pool. All pool owners are required to register their pools. You can register your pool online at the NSW government’s swimming pool registry by simply doing a quick Internet search.

Your Responsibilities

Once your pool has been registered and you have received your certificate of compliance, you are still responsible for maintaining a safe environment in and around your pool. The inspector will only inspect once every three or so years. It is your responsibility to maintain and keep up with any broken items that can jeopardise your or your visitor’s safety. For example, if your pool fence breaks during these three years, you must replace it.

Important Tips to Remember

As a homeowner, you must register your pool with the NSW government’s swimming pool registry online. Your pool fence must be at least 1200mm high. The gap on the bottom of the fence cannot be any larger than 100mm. It is best to have a professional pool fence contractor build your pool fence so it meets these requirements.

Your pool gate is required to be self-closing. It should also latch by itself. An inspector will check to ensure that it meets these basic requirements before issuing a certificate of compliance.

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